Design week is over but beautiful spots are still out there. Don’t panic!

Nearly a week has gone by since the end of the Design Week and the city is resting. Milan was exciting, shining with sunlight and pervaded by a wave of international enthusiasm and interest.

One of the most enjoyable areas of Milan is represented by “Le 5 vie”, an ancient area in the heart of the city next to Via Torino: design and antique shops, exclusive boutiques, handicraft stores that smell of history. Along with the Italian designers, however, it’s now been three years since Via Santa Marta saw the Americans landing in the neighborhood. There are two special NY places in this wonderful street of the center: BDDW by Tayler Hays and APPARATUS STUDIO.

Taylor Hays, a multifaceted artist in love with Italy and originally from Oregon but relocated in NYC, began to sign BDDW’s creations in the 90’s, and from there an amazing example of luxury craftsmanship made in the US slowly grew. Slab tables of rare beauty with bronze details, hand-painted ceramics, fully covered leather covers, wonderful fabric sofas, porcelain chandeliers: in short, a home of wonders! Once you enter this space at 19A of Via Santa Marta all you want is to live in a home like this, every piece is so interesting and special and some are even unique.

Another project that accompanies BDDW and is always signed Taylor Hays is M. Crow, mostly made of objects, furnishings, and now also a collection of clothing. NY has opened a lifestyle store signed M Crow connected to the BDDW showroom: a must see if you visit the big apple, located in the heart of Soho, on 5 Crosby Street.

Tayler also launched some unique pieces of hand-painted clothing for this Design Week, with which BDDW wear a meaning: “Bury your Dead Down Wind”. Another one-piece-of-each-item presented for the 2017 show is for example the magnificent foosball table (foosball is correct) in wood and canvas with hand painted players: a real jem for collectors! Not to mention the two enormous and wonderful paintings / hand painted puzzles: a daydream!

From a few years production has been moved from Brooklyn to Philadelphia in a magnificent workshop that I was lucky enough to visit three years ago: a creative space where Tayler and his trusted collaborators create tables, cupboards, sofas, pottery, paintings… unimaginable!

Returning to Via Santa Marta, just across the street you find APPARATUS STUDIO, A New York brand founded by the duo Gabriel Hendifar, creative director, and Jeremy Anderson, Head of Production. They are featured by Tayler Hays but have a special space all to themselves! It is a former craftsman’s shop, a sophisticated  jem made thanks to Gabriel and Jeremy’s restyling. This year a burgundy carpet covers the interiors creating an interesting contrast with the ancient walls.

Luxurious, vintage-inspired lighting made from modern design elements, and an ingenious and well-studied approach of materials such as brass, leather, porcelain, glass and marble that make each piece really special. In addition to lighting, the Apparatus Studio today also produces items and furnishings such as marble tables that are exposed in Santa Marta.

A small magical place to unravel.

Other American designers and friends represented by Taylor Hays in the BDDW space are, for example, Lindsey Adelman, David Weeks, Natalie Page, Keiran Kinsella, Roll and Hill and other interesting names in the New York landscape.

In short, both spaces are two must sees in Milan. If you still haven’t gone do so, and later enjoy a great drink at the Piazza Mentana stand: it is a delightful meeting point for the spring and summer evenings in Milan.


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