“Fashion bores me. Elegance fascinates me. Personal style inspires me.”

Marta Ray ’s collections of bags and shoes are always dedicated to a dynamic, original and independent woman.

We met the designer Marta Ratajczak that gave origin to the Company. Polish, in Italy since 2001, she created her first collection in 2009 signing it Marta Ray. The immediate success pushes her forward with enthusiasm. Today, with its three shops in the heart of Rome and one in Florence, the emerging brand is constantly growing and is now consolidating with high quality, hand-crafted, simple but unique proposals.

Where does your passion for handbags and shoes come from?

I’ve always loved to create things, even when I was little. I used to knit and sew my skirts. And then different connections brought me where I am today: I graduated in Italy in Industrial Engineering, but while studying I also worked as a model. I met several industry experts including some leather companies, and here came the idea of creating Marta Ray, a line of leather bags.

Where do you find your inspiration?

The biggest inspiration for me is everyday life, people I meet on the street and that I observe. I love to observe, to observe and then to transform.

How do you choose the materials and artisans who produce your designs for Marta Ray?

The choice of materials is the starting point for the creation of every new collection. I make myself inspired by the touch, the color, the structure and texture and then create the most suitable models for that leather type. The artisans I work with for the bags are the same from the beginning. I like team work with people who understand and trust me. I like to create with them, to see how the idea that until then only existed in my head takes shape.

How does it feel when your own idea becomes a product, a tangible object?

It’s a wonderful feeling. And it’s even better if the idea is the right one, and you know it right away. It’s exciting to walk down the street and meet someone wearing the bag or shoes you’ve drawn, while she doesn’t understand why your smiling at her.

Future plans?

I definitely want to continue on the path we have taken, opening ew stores in Italy and then abroad. New ideas are always coming up!

Thank you Marta, good luck.


shop in Via del Moro, 6 (Trastevere)

shop in Via della Reginella, 4 (Ghetto)

shop in Via dei Coronari, 121

visit website



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