Are you traveling and want to go shopping like locals do?

If you are visiting Rome or Milan and want to buy something special and unique to bring back home, then don’t stick to the usual few commercial and touristic streets. Instead, try discovering the city from a different point of view by reaching its best stores where only locals go shopping. Feel the vibe of different areas, see new places and ShopAround!


The app

Finding the rights stores for you has never been so quick and easy. Download the app. Tell us how you feel and what you like. Then follow your custom-made shopping tour and enjoy the city! Reach the best stores in town, and save money while shopping! Forget your wallet and pay through the app quickly and safely. Collect credits on all your purchases and spend them in our whole network.

Enjoy your local fun shopping experience!

Our Shops

Whether you are a shopaholic or not, visit Our Shops to find carefully selected stores and boutiques, and then filter by style and category to fulfill your needs! Find fashion boutiques, wineries and gastronomy stores, beauty shops, design galleries, music and book stores, and many more. We only choose special places so that you can avoid malls or multinational corporations for a true and rewarding experience.

Our ShopArounders

You can also choose your matching ShopArounder, a local friend you can trust, who will show you his ideal shopping route and favourite stores. Our ShopArounders are interesting and stylish locals from Rome and Milan who shared their tips with us. You will find their pictures, their profile and their recommended tours with their favorite spots. Choose the one that fits you best and as a result live the city just like a local!