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Do you love your city and love sharing your tips with others? Then represent yourself and become a ShopArounder! Have you ever been in a different city and had problems finding the right shops? Wouldn’t it had been great to have a local friend who brought you around and showed you his special spots? If you have felt this way you know that to feel the vibe of a city you have to leave the touristic circuit and live the places and areas where locals hang around. But not always do we know people in the cities we visit, so what we came up with was to create a sort of virtual local friend that can guide visitors without physically being with them. Become this virtual local friend by sharing your experience on ShopAround and save thousands of people from touristic traps!

If you have your own particular style and are an expert of the city’s special and hidden shops, then don’t miss this opportunity to create your personal profile and unique shopping tour. With ShopAround, you can share them with our users to guide them where locals go shopping and show them special and unique shops.

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Our ShopArounders

Are you a potential ShopArounder and want to take a sneak peek for some ideas? Or do you want to go shopping and are looking for some inspiration? Discover our ShopArounders: they are interesting and stylish locals from Rome and Milan who shared their shopping tips with us. You will find their pictures, their profile and their recommended shopping tour with their favorite spots.

How to become a ShopArounder

If you want to become a ShopArounder and appear on our website and app, all you have to do is contact us, send us a picture of you, tell us who you are, what you do and where you go shopping. We will write back soon if we think you fit for the purpose.