M. Crow & Co. at Design Week 2018

Are you curious about the M. Crow & Co. project by Tyler Hays and its clothing creations? Read on below, because last year’s Milan design week was a discovery for fashion lovers too.

I already told you about the BDDW showroom in a post from last year. Four years ago, Tyler Hays, owner and designer of the brand, opened his second showroom in Milan, via Santa Marta, after the one in NYC. Walking through the 5vie it is impossible not to fall in love with its space and not to dream of living in a BDDW house.

Tyler Hays and his project M. Crow & Co.

Tyler’s creativity has no limits, he is in fact launching on clothing and it is really doing well!

The garments are part of his project called M. Crow & Co. Unique pieces with quality materials and bright colors. Hand-painted sweatshirts, work overalls with splashes of paint, hand-embroidered dresses, t-shirts with fun prints for a collection that more than anything else is a collection of wearable pieces of art.

Not only Fashion

But it does not end here. M. Crow & Co. also includes various objects, hand-painted wooden puzzles that become paintings, a beer that produces Tyler – yes, a beer, you’ve read well – and, beware, even a radio.

Furthermore, on the mcrowcompany.com website you can find the link to access the podcast and listen to team talks, interviews with artists, music selected by the guys. Everything is live from the Milan showroom, the Philadelphia Factory and the M. Crow & Co. store in Oregon.

In Milan you will find the recording studio in a vintage-style wooden booth built by Tyler and his collaborators right inside the showroom. The equipment inside – obviously handmade – is amazing … a paradise for music nerds!

In short, a whole world to be discovered in this historic corner of the city.

As Milan is the capital of fashion, more and more space will be given to clothing signed M. Crow & Co. inside the showroom.

What are you waiting for? You will be amazed.

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