Paris Oracle: an exceptional shop in via di Priscilla

Today we want to tell you about Paris Oracle, an exceptional shop for whoever looks for an independent style and for items with a careful research and selection behind. Stefano Paris, the owner, tells us exactly what the selection criteria are in his shop. “Predominant trends or strong brands do not define the choice of our collections, but, instead, from items that have their own soul and communicate something.”


Taste and style in every aspect

Seems like Stefano has no doubts concerning this, but also enough knowledge to understand and exalt what is “not in sight”. This is what makes Paris Oracle so fascinating.

Not only that. Even the shop itself perfectly demonstrates this search for taste and style. Worn walls that are traced with artistic photographs and refined prints. Interior objects collected at the market or traveling. And also many other sources of imagination. So that’s why shop and collections come together to create a sort of time gallery.

The principle is basically very simple: whatever you like at first glance, and – very important thing – whatever tells a story, will find its place in the kingdom of Paris.


The man collection

We want to focus on men’s collections for those boys and men who are careful to what they wear. For those boys and men who do not just want to get dressed but who need to communicate, to actually tell a story.

Also in this spring the traceability of the Man collections exhibited by Paris Oracle brings back influences from distant tribes. Whether it be gangs of disbanded marginalized in any metropolis of the world or warriors of Sub-Saharan deserts. Collections that recall distant but also modern times, uncontaminated but also chaotic spaces. And so different styles, shapes and fabrics come together and at the same time create strong contrasts. Simplicity and sophistication meet to give life to unique and special items.

Everything mixes, everything comes back.



Paris Oracle official website | Instagram | Facebook

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