Eat healthy but in a creative and fun way!

With Tiami eating fruit and vegetables has never been so good and enjoyable as well as healthy. Born as producers and distributors of cold pressed and unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juices, Tiami’s team opened a small Roman landmark where the extracts are accompanied by a line of equally delicious and creative vegan dishes. The first Tiami point, open in the Porta Pia area, is the proof that eating vegan is not a deprivation but an advantage for ourselves. And this in terms of physical well-being but not only: it can indeed be delicious and fun! The dishes, like the juices, are colorful and obtained from high-quality raw materials.

And this is not it! Tiami is also an advantage for those around us, especially regarding the environmental impact. In addition to the fact that raw materials are exclusively of vegetable origin, all packaging, dishes and cutlery are obviously eco-sustainable. So a wrap, a burger or a simple salad combined with one of the detox juices are perfect combos. There is nothing better to face the rest of the day in a positive way, whether you have to go back to work or go on a wild shopping trip in the capital. Tiami offers snacks or complete meals that are healthy for us and for the world around us!

Tiami: info & contacts

If you want to try a juice, a lunch or a snack, or if you want to buy them and bring them home, download ShopAround and pay through the app to get 10% cashback!

Tiami | official website | Facebook | Instagram

from Monday to Saturday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Via Messina 32, 00189 Roma

 +39 06 9337 9801

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