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Finally Christmas holidays are coming and the frenetic rush to Christmas gifts has already started. By now we all have everything and it becomes increasingly difficult to find a special idea for your best friend, to make a girlfriend happy, or to bring a nice thought to family members. Therefore, in the last few days we took a tour of the city, found our favorite gift ideas and now we want to share them with you… just because at Christmas we are all better! Find out which stores give you cashback by purchasing through our app: you can pay part of the gift with the previous one or save some money on a present for yourself!

The Christmas Dinner

Do you want to be original and bring your dinner host a special dessert? First of all, you have to pop by the Tiramisu kingdom in Porta Ticinese, Mascherpa, where the tiramisu is sold in jars (small, medium, large). In addition to the classic taste, try one of the flavors created by the pastry chef, Mrs. Giovanna: pistachio, hazelnut, mango. Caution: it can cause addiction.

Mascherpa’s tiramisu

But don’t worry, we have another perfect place for you! It’s called Quattro Quarti Torte and has just opened in the Porta Venezia area. All cakes are handmade by Elena inside the shop-lab. Among the many delicious recipes to try, for this special occasion we recommend the rum and raisin donut. Just lustful.

Quattro quarti torte’s donut

However, the table is also very important for your Christmas dinner: red tablecloths, decorated plates, candles. In Via Nerino, hidden in a typical Milan courtyard, is the Paravicini laboratory. Just taking a look is a unique experience. You can admire wonderful collections of hand-painted ceramic plates that are one more beautiful than the other. The play plates are our favorites because each plate has a different subject and can be purchased individually, and if you spin it, it will look like the characters are moving!

Paravicini’s play plates

For the little ones

But Christmas is not only about eating: most of all, it is a celebration for the little ones. A nice idea for your children (or those of your friends)? Cecilia and Anna Serena are the owners of Do-knit, a cute wool shop where they sell balls of wonderful wool and create their own collection: garments knitted or cut on woolen fabrics of which the tiny baby versions are definitely our favorites!

Do-knit’s baby clothes

For the home

Furthermore, for those who prefer to buy accessories for the home we recommend BigApple design, a shop, showroom, studio in Piazza Mentana. A beautiful idea, for instance, is Clock Two, a word table or wall clock or wristwatch. Available in different finishes. We like them so much!

BigApple’s word clock

Girly and fashion gifts

For unique girly gifts you can visit TUG concept store, a charming space in Porta Romana, where vintage and research brands blend. Above all, we chose the Wanderlust & co. chain with your zodiac sign constellation as well as skincare products by Koreani Holika Holika.

TUG concept store

Finally, if you have to impress a fashion addict with a special gift, go to Aere store, which we recently discovered. It is a research shop with a selection of really hip brands. Perfect for a little thought are Simone Wild’s velvet socks. Very Christmassy!

Aere store’s velvet socks

For yourself

Last but not least: now that you are probably uploaded with work and also have to take care of all the presents, don’t forget to take care of yourself. So find some time go to GUM Salon. It is a shelter, a friendly space where everyone can feel at ease and relax in an intimate environment thanks to personalized services and treatments followed step by step by expert stylists and technicians and by sharing a good coffee, fine teas, wine glasses and healthy chatter.

GUM Salon

By Olivia De Ambrogio




Quattro Quarti Torte

Laboratorio Paravicini


BigApple Design

TUG concept store

GUM Salon

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