Walking around the Fuorisalone between Urban Future and Nature.

Just a few days are left to what I think is the most beautiful week of the year in the city where I live! In fact, next week the Milan Design Week 2018 begins and the city is already lively. The main theme of this edition? Surely Nature and Environment for an urban future driven by sustainability. A subject about which we are more and more aware. So here are some interesting projects of Design Week 2018 that will deal with this theme.


Brera Design Week 2018 – Be Human: empathy planning

Via Brera | Tuesday April 17 – Sunday April 22 | 9 A.M. – 10 P.M. 

In Brera we focus on the emotional aspect of design and on empathy between objects and people. Empathy is, in fact, a very important value that distinguishes the designer from artificial intelligence that can never replace the human on certain aspects.

The two ambassadors of the district for the 2018 Design Week are Cristina Celestino and Elena Salmistraro, both active in this empathic process.

First of all, Cristina Celestino will present the Corallo project inspired by the theme of travel. The historic tram 1928 is dressed in pink and precious materials influenced by the past. The inside of the tram has two parts: a waiting room and a small movie theater where passengers can admire the city from a new point of view.

Second, Elena Salmistraro cooperates with the Timberland “DONT CALL ME…”. An empathic installation of the iconic oak interacts with the public, representing a sort of “mother nature”. The oak, which lights up at night, invites us to sit cradled by its branches, creating an intense emotional experience.


Carlo Ratti Associati – Living Nature

Piazza Duomo | Tuesday April 17 – Wednesday April 25

The Duomo will come alive with a technological installation designed by Carlo Ratti. It is a pavilion with four natural and climatic microcosms where the four seasons of the year coexist at the same time. Thus visitors experience the changes of nature through the four areas: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. This project therefore demonstrates the feasibility of a sustainable technology for climate control. Futhermore, the project wants to offer the possibility to improve our living conditions at home and in the city, satisfying our innate need for contact with nature.


Massimiliano Locatelli from CLS Architetti – 3D HOUSING 05

Piazzale Cesare Beccaria | Tuesday April 17 – Sunday April 22

Massimiliano Locatelli, from CLS Architetti, together with Italcementi, Arup, Cybe, presents the first 3D printed house.

This new architectural language will follow five principles. First of all Creativity, or freedom to design with a material that can be easily modeled. Then Sustainability, low environmental impact thanks to the mixture of inert cement powders and binders. The structures can also be demolished and rebuilt with the same cement. Also Flexibility, as the home can expand, increase, or move to zero impact. Furthermore Affordability: in fact the reduction of construction costs can guarantee more houses, housing units for environmental disasters such as earthquakes, new constructions also on Mars. Finally Rapidity, since the 3D printer can make the house really quickly.


Stefano Boeri – Space&Interiors 2018

The Mall – IDD Innovation Design District, recently redeveloped district between Porta Nuova and Porta Volta

Tuesday April 17 – Saturday April 21 | 2:30 P.M. – 9:30 P.M.

It is a project that explores the future of living in an atmosphere inspired by Mars, which represents a possible destination for humanity.
Stefano Boeri is the curator of this edition of Space & Interiors 2018. He imagines how we can improve our life quality with innovations that could be used in the design of a Martian city. This sensory and interactive installation presents new furnishing solutions, thus proving that we shouldn’t wait to colonize new planets to exploit already existing innovations.


Inhabits – Milano Design City

Piazza del Cannone | Tuesday April 4 – Sunday April 9 | 9 A.M. – 1 P.M. 

A real village where you can discover new housing solutions around Castello Sforzesco. Small futuristic living units easy to build and transport, designed with respect for the environment and attention to design and new technologies. Inhabits will not only be this but also meetings, activities, musical events, street food. One of the most anticipated events of the show.


De Rerum Natura – a project for happy symbiosis

Cascina Cuccagna, Porta Romana | Friday April 13 – Sunday April 22 | 11 A.M. – 10 P.M.

A project of exhibitions, meetings and workshops, which investigates the relationship between urban man and the natural environment.
Here we talk about something that comes before sustainability. In fact, it is about design’s cultural responsiblity to recognize and investigate on nature’s presence within us. The intent is to bring us back to a “natural coexistence” with nature, to recognize the potential of a happier relationship with the natural world.
Matteo Ragni‘s study curated the selection of the exhibited products that share a certain functionality and awareness. Among all certainly to mention Eutopia, designed by Francisco Gomez Paz.


Are you ready?

More info on the official website

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