Shop Owners

Are you the owner of a shop and want free online visibility?

If you are the owner of a shop and want free online visibility, don’t miss this opportunity to be part of our network! ShopAround’s app creates custom-made shopping tours for the user based on his style and on what he wants to buy. It therefore allows him to reach the right stores for him right away. As a result, ShopAround brings potential customers that are seriously interested in the shop’s products and style.

  • The shop that joins our network has its profile (with images, description and info)
  • It is filtered by styles and categories
  • The store appears in ShopAround’s tours
  • The customer can pay safely and immediately through our payment system which with a simple touch of the screen

All this with no fixed costs!

Our Shops

Visit Our Shops to see which stores are already part of our network. We only select the best shops in Rome and Milan for a unique and quality shopping experience. From artisan ateliers to fashion boutiques, from organic shops to wineries, from beauty salons to design galleries, the common denominator is always quality and style.

The cashback system

By paying through the app, the user receives cashback and all purchases, that is credits that he can use in all ShopAround stores. Consequently the customer feels rewarded and wants to return to buy in our circuit. The shop only has to apply a discount to ShopAround users, which will return to them as cashback. In this way

A huge market in constant growth

ShopAround firstly communicates to the traveler, who is very demanding and wants to find the right stores for himself without wasting time. The traveler who arrives in a new city has difficulty in finding the shops that suit him. His shopping experience is in fact limited to a few touristic streets with homologated or luxury brands. And, above all, travelers are tired of being tourists. They want to live the city like locals do, which is demonstrated by the success of huge companies such as Airbnb.

The shopping touristic market is constantly growing and more and more people travel and buy every day.

A target market

Take advantage of ShopAround’s free online visibility! Communicate to buyers that are difficult to reach (that is tourists) but, most important, truly interested to the type of shop and to its products. As a result you will aim at your true target!

The app localizes all its users and so we know who is interested in your store for proximity. Thanks to the selection of styles and desired products, we also know the true intentions of consumers and who is interested in your shop for style and needs.

Through user profiling, ShopAround is able to supply you with statistics that will address your marketing strategies.

How to join our network

If you don’t want to miss the chance of receiving free online visibility, you only have to contact us. Send us some images of the shop and of your products, write your info and wait for our approval. At that point we will arrange an appointment to explain how it works, even if it is really smooth and simlple and does not require software or hardware installation.

The store will have a personal area on where you will be able to edit your profile simply and quickly when you want. Here you will check all payments IN REAL TIME, and obviously consult the payment and client history.

Send us a message right away for further information and to start a trial period with no obligation!