ShopAround is a free app that helps you find the right shops for you and allows you to collect cashback by paying through the app: credits that you can use in all our network!


Subscription is also free, you can thus access through FB or create an account by providing your name and last name, email and password, and your phone number (optional).



With ShopAround’s app you can locate the best shops in town, close to your position or to any other address. Furthermore, the shops’ markers have different colors and symbols according to the category to which they belong:


If you click on the marker on the map you will visualize a flag with the shop’s name and address. If you then click on the flag you will land on the shop’s profile with pictures, info and description, and the cashback percentage you will collect by paying through ShopAround in that shop.



If you go on the “tour” section in the menu you can create tailor-made shopping tours just for you! Select one or more styles, then select one or more categories or subcategories of items you want to buy, and finally choose one of the three tours:

  1. closest shops
  2. best rated shops
  3. shops with most cashback

Otherwise, if you click on “filter” you can change syle and categories as well as the starting point.

Once you choose the tour, you will see the list of shops and you can cancel them or select them again until the tour is perfect for you! At this point click on “START” and enjoy your custom-made shopping experience!



With ShopAround you can pay through the app without using your wallet and collecting a cashback percentage, or credits that you will be able to use in all our network.

You can pay in different ways:

  • click on PAY inside the shop’s profile
  • click on PAY on the top of the map and choose the shop that interests you
  • go on the section “Pay with ShopAround” in the menu menu and select one of the shops or search for the shop you want in the search bar 

Once you’re inside the shop, choose one of these ways and then:

  • digit the amount that the shopkeeper will tell you (which will be the total value of the item)
  • click on the yellow check
  • choose whether to use your credits or not
  • wait for the shop’s approval
  • digit your card’s details (only the first time, you will then be able to save them)
  • click on ok and wait for the transaction completed alert

The shopkeeper will issue a receipt/invoice equal to the total value of what you have bought. The cashback percentage of your payment will return on your ShopAround account as credits that you will be able tu use in the same shop or in any other shop of our network.

Payments go through Stripe, world leader of online transactions.



In the menu, inside your profile, you will find the CREDITS you have collected and the HISTORY of all your transactions.



In the menu you will also find the ShopArounders section. Choose the one that looks most like you or that you like best and find out where he or she goes shopping. You can also follow his or her tour by clicking on “GO”!



If you have received a ShopAround giftcard you can go on the related section in the menu and digit your promo code. You will have 5 or 10€ (according to the amount of the giftcard) to use immediately in all our shops!



Finally, go on your profile in the menu and click on “edit profile” to change your info or to upload your profile picture. If you go on cancel account you will remove all your data but you will also use eventual collected credits.

For any other info send us an emal on